About Us


To promote joyful service and excellence in the conduct of business within the Information Technology (IT) Industry through the application of the core Christian values of integrity and honesty, diligence and perseverance, and love for God above all.



To be a viable, credible, and affordable outsourcing option for the entire range of IT Services which include the installation and management of computer and network resources, websites and e-commerce, and the development of web-based applications.

To practice the principles of the Catholic faith in business and to be a witness of the power and the love of God through our work, our company policies, and the lives of our staff.



    1. To be the top web service provider for the Catholic Church and Religious Groups in the Philippines, with the advocacy of effective and efficient service by Catholic Parishes through computerization, online presence, digital archiving, and the use of the Parish Digital Library (PDL).
    2. To promote the concept and practice of IT Services Outsourcing among small and medium sized companies in the Philippines and abroad.
    3. To train and develop teams of IT professionals who are not only excellent in their respective fields of specialization but also as disciples of Jesus Christ.
    4. To institutionalize WEBCARE as a total solutions package for website concerns which include domain registration, web design & hosting, content management, search engine optimization and web-based database applications.
    5. To institutionalize COMCARE as a total solutions package for computer maintenance, network installation & management, and network security.